Retail Pavilion


Located on the corner of Northcote Drive and Macfarlane Avenue, alongside the Main Arena.

Site Specifications

  • Fully walled space with black velcro receptive partitioning (2.3m height)
  • Lighting: General overhead light
  • Ground surface: Firm compacted sand/clay surface 
  • Aisles: Portafloor flooring (grey)
  • Each site will receive 8 x 3-Day Exhibitor Passes & 4 x Parking Passes

Refer to Map S

Sites T1, T32, T120 & D, are designated Fire Warden Sites. Should you choose to book one of these sites, you will be required to attend an induction. Fire Warden Sites will receive a 10% discount on their site fee for their assistance.

Stand Types

2m x 3m - Standard Site

$ 1275.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)

3m x 3m - Standard Site

$ 1700.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)

6m x 3m - Standard Site

$ 2550.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)

9m x 3m - Standard Site

$ 4200.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)

3m x 3m - Corner Site

$ 1870.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)

6m x 3m - Corner Site

$ 2720.00

Ex. GST (15.00%)