National Christmas Cake Competition

National Christmas Cake Competition

We are on the hunt for New Zealand's Best Christmas Cake.​ To enter all you need to do is bake a cake! Each entry will have a small tasting cake to match, with cakes being stored in CoolTranz Trucks to keep fresh.​ Cakes will then be judged and auctioned by Bayleys.​ One of the cakes will be given a special prize and used/showcased for 2 Strangers & a Wedding.

All proceeds from this event will go to Farmstrong to help support rural mental health.


We will be running three competitions:

  1. Commercial Section​
  2. Domestic Section​
  3. Kids Section


Commercial Section:    
1st place ​ $500 & Trophy & Ribbon​
​2nd place ​ $250 & Ribbon​
​3rd Place ​ $150 & Ribbon​
​4th – 6th ​Place Place Ribbon
Domestic Section​:  
1st place ​ $500 & Trophy & Ribbon​
​2nd place $250 & Ribbon​
​3rd Place ​ $150 & Ribbon​
4th – 6th ​Place Place Ribbon
Children’s Section​:  
1st place ​ $500 & Kenwood Mixer & Ribbon​
2nd place ​ $250 & Kenwood Mixer & Ribbon​
3rd Place ​ $150 & Kenwood Mixer & Ribbon​
4th – 8th ​Place Place Ribbon