Virtual Beef Competition

Virtual Beef Competition

The Virtual Show is an event open to anyone from around New Zealand with stud registered beef cattle.

The introduction of the event came about through adapting with the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and wanting to give the opportunity for people to continue showing their cattle on a regional, national and even international stage – from the comfort of their own farm.​

The competition is run with exhibitors entering their respective breed classes then taking photographs and video footage of their exhibits and submitting them to the judging panel. Exhibits that win their classes then progress to the interbreeds competition where a new judging panel takes over. A supreme champion is named from the winners of each of the interbreeds classes.​

The Virtual show is a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors who don’t always get the opportunity to compete in the New Zealand Agricultural Show, hosted by the Canterbury A&P Association to get some entries in and be a part of the story and history of the association.​

2021 results:

Class Name Winner
Supreme Champion Exhibit Bluestone Jethro Gibson Family - Foul den Hill Genetics 
Angus Supreme Champion Floridale Nicki Jane Jenkins - Floridale Angus
Beef Shorthorn Supreme Champion Carriganes Jazz Sarah O'Connell - Carriganes Cattle
Blonde d'Aquitane Supreme Champion Rockhaven Nina Chris & Katrina Herbert - Rockhaven Blondes
Charolais Supreme Champion Topaki Paris P2 Simon & Wendy Collin - Rauriki Charolais
Galloway Supreme Champion Lilliesleaf Buttercup Rob & Lynne Hall - Hall Genetics
Hereford Supreme Champion Foulden Hill Voodoo 667 Gibson Family - Foulden Hill Genetics
Highland Supreme Champion Holyrood Holly Bruce Burnell - Holyrood Highlands
Lowline Supreme Champion Woolstone Park Ocean Phil & Kay Worthington - Woolstone Park Lowliens
Murray Grey Supreme Champion Waimak Grace George & Glenda Climo - Waimak Murray Greys
Red Poll Supreme Champion Strathwell Vin Ian & Anita Fleming - Waimak Murray Greys
Santa Gertrudis Supreme Champion Bluestone Jethro Gibson Family - Foulden Hill Genetics
South Devon Supreme Champion Java Tonka Niska Stewart & Julia Eden - Java South Devons
Speckle Park Supreme Champion Southern Rimu Dustin Young - Southern Speckle Park

Watch last years competition here